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Satish Talim is a programmer, author, trainer, and speaker.

A recognized expert in the field of software development with over 37+ years of I.T. experience, Satish has consulted and trained teams at various companies in India and the US.

His experience lies in developing and executing business for high technology and manufacturing industry customers. Personally his strengths lie in Business Development and Business Networking apart from new product and solution ideas. Good experience of organization development. Excellent cross disciplinary background in engineering, computer science and management.

Currently on the board of India's only 100% Ruby on Rails company Josh Software Pvt. Ltd. (Josh have been using Go in some of their Web applications along side Rails), Pune and Maybole Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India (a 100% owned subsidiary of the US company Servient Inc.).

Owner of the RubyLearning portals, namely (is a thorough collection of Ruby Study Notes for those who are new to the Ruby programming language and in search of a solid introduction to Ruby's concepts and constructs) and (where, since 2006, participants from across the globe have been learning online the Ruby computer programming language).

He also conducts corporate training in Go and Ruby. Also, if you are looking at India for outsourcing or setting up your own company / subsidiary related to Go, Ruby and Rails, contact him and he should be able to help you for sure.

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20 Mar 15

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22 Nov 15

Just crossed the 9000 mark.

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20 Mar 15

Member organizing committee.


20 Mar 15

Member organizing committee.

Winner Shorty Award in Education in 2009

22 Apr 09

Ruby's Top Teacher in 2008

22 Apr 09


Has extensive experience in Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) involving coordinating offshore development efforts between US office and development center in Pune. Managed projects, infrastructure, resources, people and helped start subsidiaries for many US based software companies like Infonox (based in San Jose, CA), Maybole Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Servient Inc. based in Houston, Texas) in Pune, India.


Satish's site is a thorough collection of Ruby Study Notes for those who are new to the Ruby programming language and in search of a solid introduction to Ruby's concepts and constructs.

In 2015 he was presented the IndicThreads CommuKnitter award, for his exemplary work in building technology communities in India (Java since 1995, Ruby since 2005 and Go since 2013).

He is a trustee on the Emerging Technologies Trust that organizes Go, Ruby and other conferences in India.


Satish enjoys speaking at conferences and workshops as well as writing articles on varied subjects like Go, Ruby and Java programming. In his spare time, Satish indulges in his passion for travel, networking with people, photography and family.


I strive to reply to every email I receive, but regrettably the flow of mail inward far exceeds the flow outward. Please forgive me for the delay. Send mail to

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